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Bathycyathus chilensis

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Bathycyathus chilensis

Nom binominal

Bathycyathus chilensis
Milne-Edwards & Haime, 1848

Statut CITES

Sur l'annexe  II  de la CITES Annexe II , Rév glass water containers. du 18/01/90

Bathycyathus chilensis est une espèce de coraux appartenant à la famille des Caryophylliidae.

Platon Karsavin

Platon Constantinovich Karsavin (Russian: Платон Константинович Карсавин; November 17, 1854, Saint Petersburg – 1922, Saint Petersburg) was a dancer with the Russian Imperial Ballet in St Petersburg, and afterwards a teacher of dance.

Platon Constantinovich Karsavin was born on 17 November 1854, at St Petersburg. His father had been a provincial actor bpa free glass bottles, but had three children, and to feed his family, had become a tailor and moved to St. Petersburg. When Platon was 6 years old, his father died. The family was again left without money. Therefore, he and his brother Vladimir were placed in the Imperial Theatre School – where children lived and learned free, supported by the imperial treasury. A teacher of Platon Karsavin were Marius Petipa and Christian Johansson.

After Theatre School (in 1875) Platon Karsavin was admitted as a dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre. There he worked from 1875 to 1891. He danced in the ballets of Arthur Saint-Léon, Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov.

After completing his career of ballet dancer, he became a teacher at the Imperial choreographic school. Among his pupils were Michel Fokine, Alexander Gorskiy, Adolph Bolm watertight bags, Vasily Tikhomirov, Alexandr Monakhov, Alexandr Chekrygin, Alexandr Shiryayev (Cesare Pugni’grandson) etc.

He died in 1922 at St Petersburg.

Their children:

Vĩnh Long Province

Vĩnh Long ( listen) is a province located in the Mekong Delta of southern Vietnam. Its capital is Vĩnh Long. Its population is 1,046,390 and its area is 1,475 square kilometres (570 sq mi).

Modern-day Vĩnh Long was part of Long Hồ dinh (barrack, 營) established by the Nguyễn lords in 1732, comprising the provinces of Bến Tre, Trà Vinh, and parts of Cần Thơ.

The area saw some of the heaviest fighting between the Tây Sơn brothers and the Nguyễn lords in the late 18th century; in 1784 Nguyễn Huệ defeated Siamese forces aiding Nguyễn Ánh at the Mang Thít River.

In 1951, the Southern Resistance Administrative Committee of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam merged Vĩnh Long and Trà Vinh provinces into Vĩnh Trà Province. Vinh Tra existed until 1954 (however goalkeeper gloves ireland, as North Vietnam never administered the area for a significant period of time, this arrangement was not enforced). In 1957, the Republic of Vietnam formed Vĩnh Long Province, consisting of six districts: Châu Thành, Chợ Lách (now part of Bến Tre Province), Tam Bình, Bình Minh, Sa Đéc, and Lấp Vò. In 1961, Cái Nhum District was split from Chợ Lách. Đức Tôn District and Đức Thành District were added in 1962, but joined the newly formed Sa Đéc Province in 1966. As of 1975, the province had 7 districts: Châu Thành, Chợ Lách glass bottles for water, Tam Bình, Bình Minh, Minh Đức, Trà Ôn, and Vũng Liêm.

After the fall of the Republic of Vietnam, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam merged Vĩnh Long with Trà Vinh Province, forming Cửu Long Province in 1976. In 1991, Cửu Long was again split into Vĩnh Long and Trà Vinh. At the time of the split, Vĩnh Long Province consisted of one city (Vĩnh Long) and 5 districts: Long Hồ, Vũng Liêm, Bình Minh, Tam Bình, and Trà Ôn.

In 1992, Mang Thít District was re-split from Long Hồ District. In 2007, Bình Tân District was created thermos bottles for coffee.

Lying between the Hau and Tien rivers in the center of the Mekong Delta, Vĩnh Long is a province well known for fishing.

Vĩnh Long is subdivided into 9 district-level sub-divisions:

They are further subdivided into 5 commune-level towns (or townlets) Black Runner Waist Pack, 94 communes, and 10 wards.

Prawns and the Basa and Tra catfish are among the many types of fish that exist in abundance in the waters of Vĩnh Long. Its rich, fertile soil makes Vĩnh Long an ideal location for the growing of many exotic and delicious fruits, including the strange-looking mangosteen, the spikey rambutan and the pungently fragrant durian. Because of Vĩnh Long’s extensive network of waterways, these fruits and many other items can be purchased for mere pennies from the huge water-based squadron of floating merchants.

Traveling by water is a common practice here for such mundane tasks as grocery shopping as well as getting to restaurants and tourist attractions located on small islets accessible only by boat. Tourist infrastructure is still in its infancy here, but comfortable lodging and great food can be had for very reasonable prices.

Located approximately 135 kilometres (84 mi) southwest of Hồ Chí Minh City, Vĩnh Long is easily accessible by bus, van or car using National Route 1A and the Mỹ Thuận Bridge.

Running Parachute Workouts

Running parachutes are an effective tool for improving both running speed and strength. Chutes are most often used by sprinters

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, although runners of all types can utilize them in their training. Most chutes are made of cloth and are attached by cords to a harness system that is worn by the runner. As the runner picks up speed, the chute fills with air and provides resistance that makes the runner work harder. The faster you run, the more resistance you feel. Chutes are best employed during interval training on a track or flat course, during which a runner does several repetitions of speed work.
Run 20-meter sprints. Begin with a standing start and sprint 20 meters, allowing the parachute to fill behind you to increase drag. Then slowly jog for 20 meters as the chute deflates and drag decreases. Sprint the next 20 meters and repeat the interval until your leg muscles begin to fatigue. This relatively short sprint is a good preliminary workout before you begin more sustained and difficult parachute exercises.
Run a 100-meter dash with a rolling start. Begin by running for about 10 meters, building up speed until you reach a sprint. Then sprint for 100 meters, or about the length of a football field, allowing the chute to fill up with air and create resistance. Slow down to a jog for 100 meters and then repeat the interval as many times as you like until muscle fatigue starts to set in.
Run 400 meters at a comfortably fast pace. From a standing start, begin running until you are nearly at a sprint. As you pick up speed, the chute will create more resistance behind you. A 400-meter run–or one lap around a track–gives you enough distance to sustain that wind resistance in the chute, effectively building leg muscles and speed.

Dee Anthony

Dee Anthony (April 9, 1926 – October 25, 2009) was an American talent manager who started in the business with fellow Bronx native Jerry Vale. After meeting Tony Bennett in 1954 at a nightclub in Yonkers, New York, he ended up representing the singer for more than a decade. From the 1960s to the mid-1990s, Anthony managed a number of music artists, including Humble Pie, Traffic, Jethro Tull, Joe Cocker, Gary Wright, Montrose, Devo and Armageddon, with his most notable client being Peter Frampton.

He was born on April 9, 1926, and grew up in the Bronx as Anthony D’Addario, changing his name in the late 1950s. During World War II, he served in the United States Navy in the submarine service. After completing his military service wholesale softball socks, he started booking events for his friend Jerry Vale, ultimately becoming the road manager for crooner Tony Bennett. He started Bandana Enterprises with his brother in 1968, which managed artists such as Joe Cocker, Ten Years After and the J. Geils Band.

The English band Humble Pie had brought Anthony on in 1969 to help them gain entry into the American music scene, hoping to build on Anthony’s success with helping other British groups, including Spooky Tooth and Traffic, reach into the U.S. record market. Anthony had the band tour extensively around the United States, and Humble Pie produced the moderately successful live album Performance Rockin’ the Fillmore in 1971 which helped them gain recognition with American record purchasers.

Frampton remained with Anthony as his manager after he left Humble Pie to perform on his own, and Anthony had Frampton follow the same model of extensive touring that they had used previously. The resulting album in 1976, Frampton Comes Alive!, became one of the best-selling live albums in the United States history and established Frampton’s status in the American hard rock scene. His subsequent albums, such as I’m in You in 1977, never attained the heights of his original live album. Anthony put Frampton in the 1978 film Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which failed both commercially and critically, with Janet Maslin of The New York Times deriding the movie as “a business deal set to music”. Frampton would leave Anthony shortly thereafter.

From the 1980s until his retirement in the mid-1990s, Anthony would represent acts such as Peter Allen, Basia and Devo. He had a small role in the 1982 Jamaican film “Countryman.”

Fred Goodman recorded Anthony’s three rules of success in his 1997 book Mansion on the Hill: “1) Get the money. 2) Remember to get the money; and, 3) Don’t forget to always remember to get the money.”

The Southport, Connecticut, resident died at age 83 on October 25, 2009 at Norwalk Hospital of pneumonia refillable water bottles. He was survived by his second wife, Valerie Anthony, as well as by four daughters and six grandchildren. An earlier marriage ended in divorce. Anthony’s daughter, Michele Anthony, is the executive vice president of the Universal Music Group. She was formerly the president and chief operating officer of Sony Music runners water bottle belt.




Барна Буза
Гергей Селеи
Иштван Майор
Ласло Винце
Мартон Эклер
Зольтан Сабо



Beyond expectations

Conspiracy (произн. [kənˈspırəsı], сокр. CNS, с&nbsp liverpool goalie gloves;англ. — «конспирация») — известная венгерская демогруппа, основанная в ноябре 2002 года участниками Digital Dynamite, Inquisition и Ümlaüt Design. Основная специализация коллектива — разработка 64-килобайтных интро для платформы PC (Windows). Творчество демогруппы отмечено призовыми местами на многих демопати, тремя статуэтками Awards(англ.) и другими наградами.

Дебютный релиз Conspiracy — высокотехнологичное 9-минутное интро Project Genesis, работа над которым шла 5 месяцев, — занял первое место на немецкой демопати Breakpoint в 2003 году, потеснив Farbrausch. Как впоследствии вспоминал Барна Буза, основатель и ведущий программист демогруппы, этот ошеломительный успех стал поворотным моментом, сплотившим участников Conspiracy в единую семью.

Для создания интро группа использует собственную активно развиваемую среду разработки a.D.D.i.c.t. В творчестве Conspiracy активно эксплуатируется космическая и научно-фантастическая тематика, мотив путешествия в иные миры. Так, работа Beyond вдохновлена фильмом «Контакт» Роберта Земекиса, Binary Flow создавалась под влиянием картины «Трон», а One of These Days the Sky’s Gonna Break сами авторы описывают как «депрессивный космический нуар».

В кавычках указаны никнеймы участников

Творчество Conspiracy можно условно разделить на периоды, соответствующие актуальной версии a.D.D.i.c.t., в которой разрабатывалось то или иное интро.

Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday in NYC

With so many attractions, New York City is a great place to celebrate a birthday. No matter your age, and no matter the season, you will find something memorable to do. Instead of filling up on cake, you can have a healthy birthday by exploring some of the city’s outdoor sights.
Cheer on one of New York City’s sports teams while celebrating your birthday. Depending on the season, you could catch a Mets or Yankees baseball game, a Devils, Rangers or Islanders hockey game, a Jets or Giants football game, a Red Bulls soccer game or a Knicks, Nets or Liberty basketball game. You can also get a view of different parts of the city on the way to the stadiums. Most are accessible by public transportation. The Knicks, Liberty and Rangers are easiest, located at Penn Station in Manhattan. Tickets to most of these teams should be available on game day, or with a small amount of prior planning.
Take a walk through one of the city’s neighborhoods and get a taste, literally

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, of all that New York City has to offer. You work up an appetite while walking, and then stop at a restaurant in Chinatown or Little Italy. Get a special birthday present for yourself on Canal Street, where you can pick up authentic looking purses, watches and sunglasses. They may not be the real thing, but they are much cheaper. New York City is great for walking. Within a couple of hours you can make your way from Soho to midtown, all while looking at the buildings and surrounding stores.
For an exciting birthday party, run around New York City with a bunch of friends while participating in a scavenger hunt. Watson Adventures hosts different themed hunts that cover areas of the city like Greenwich Village, the Museum of Natural History, Chinatown and Little Italy and Central Park. There are both public and private events on weekends throughout the year, and the price ranges from $15 to $40. You can also choose to search the subway system, learn about pop culture or explore Union Square with Got a Clue. They also host public and private events, but their schedule is not as set as Watson Adventures. Contact Got a Clue, or join the mailing list to get informaiton about upcoming hunts.
Roll your way through New York City with a birthday celebration on roller skates. Head to Central Park where there is about six miles of paths on which you can skate. If you are celebrating your birthday on the weekend, you can even get some free skating lessons near the West 72nd Street entrance to the park by the Central Park Skate Patrol. Once you have received your lesson, you can go onto the sidewalks and check out the sights from a different perspective. Just be extra careful of car and foot traffic.
Treat yourself, on your birthday, to some rest and relaxation that will relieve stress, too. Visit a jimjilbang, or a Korean style sauna, in Queens called Spa Castle. Here you will have access to 100,000 square feet of pools, baths, saunas, food and massages. There are both single-gender and coed areas with different services. The weekend price is $45 as of 2010. There are both single-gender and coed areas with different services. Next get a feel for another culture’s take on saunas and baths at Russian and Turkish Baths. Enjoy an ice-cold bath, aromatherapy, saunas or just lie out on the roof and get some sun. One-day admission is $30.

Pigeon Lake (Kawartha Lakes)

Bild gesucht 

Pigeon Lake ist ein See in der kanadischen Provinz Ontario.

Der Pigeon Lake ist ein langgestreckter See. Er misst in Nord-Süd-Richtung 25 km running hydration belt. Die Seebreite beträgt 1,5 km.

Der See gehört zur Seengruppe der Kawartha Lakes coffee thermos stainless steel, welche am Ende der letzten Eiszeit am Südrand des Kanadischen Schildes entstand.

Der Pigeon Lake bildet außerdem mit den beiden östlich gelegenen Seen Buckhorn Lake und Lake Chemong ein Dreiseensystem. Mit dem Buckhorn Lake ist er über die Gannon Narrows verbunden kids football shirts. Im Nordteil des Sees liegt die Insel Big Island.

Im Nordwesten befindet sich die Schleuse 32 des Trent-Severn-Wasserweg am Bobcaygeon River. Im Süden mündet der Pigeon River in den See.

Im Pigeon Lake werden folgende Fischarten gefangen: Glasaugenbarsch, Forellenbarsch, Schwarzbarsch kids basketball uniforms, Muskellunge, Amerikanischer Flussbarsch, Crappie und Sonnenbarsche.

Balsam Lake | Buckhorn Lake | Cameron Lake | Lake Chemong | Lovesick Lake | Lower Buckhorn Lake | Pigeon Lake | Stony Lake | Sturgeon Lake

Lotus Carlton

Opel Omega A Holden Commodore VN

The Lotus Carlton (other names include Vauxhall Lotus Carlton, Lotus Omega and Opel Lotus Omega) was a Vauxhall Carlton/Opel Omega A saloon upgraded by Lotus to be a 177 mph (285 km/h) sports saloon with acceleration to equal contemporary supercars. Like all Lotus vehicles, it was given a type designation—Type 104 in this case. The external differences were minimal with the addition of a rear spoiler, vents on the bonnet, Lotus badges on the front wings and bootlid, a bodykit and considerably wider wheel arches distinguishing it from a standard Carlton/Omega. The car was only sold in one colour, a shade called Imperial Green, a very dark green that in anything but direct light appears black.

Performance modifications started with an upgraded engine, which was enhanced by Lotus from the standard Opel 2969 cc 24v straight six unit (used in the GSi). The engine was enlarged to a capacity of 3615 cc. Lotus then added twin Garrett T25 turbochargers, which provide up to 0.7 bar of boost from about 1500 rpm. The original distributor ignition system of the engine was replaced with a three-coil wasted spark system. The distributor drive was re-purposed as a water pump drive for the water-air intercooler circuit. The intercooler itself is manufactured by Behr and is capable of reducing the temperature of the compressed charge from 120 °C to 60 °C.

In addition to fitting two turbochargers and an intercooler system, Lotus directed a number of engineering changes to the engine so that it would perform reliably with the higher power output. To cope with the higher cylinder pressures (about 95 bar), the external webbing on the engine block was reinforced. The crankshaft was replaced as well; early development crankshafts were machined from billet steel in Italy, but the production units were forged by Opel and sent to Maschinenfabrik Alfing Kessler for machining. The cylinder head was left mostly the same as the 24-valve head from the Opel Omega, although the combustion chamber was milled to reduce the static compression ratio to 8.2:1 (from 10.0:1). The engine is fitted with forged slipper pistons produced by Mahle. Piston connecting rods were replaced with new units made to an original Lotus design.

The same six-speed manual ZF transmission as fitted to a contemporary Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 was used to transfer this power to the rear wheels via a rear limited-slip differential from the V8 Holden Commodore.

The multi-link suspension of the Omega, already praised by the automotive press, was modified by Lotus for better high-speed stability and improved handling dynamics. To combat the problem of significant camber change (seen with the car at high speed and when fully laden), the self-leveling suspension from the Opel Senator was fitted. Also borrowed from the Senator was the Servotronic power steering system, which provides full power assist at parking speeds, and reduces the power assist as the road speed increases. The Lotus engineers would have preferring using a rack and pinion steering arrangement, but cost and space constraints limited them to the worm-and-roller arrangement.

Initial sketches for the wheels showed a split-rim composite design, but this was ultimately abandoned in favor of a monoblock wheel design, with cited concerns over the durability of the wheels in poor road conditions. The final design for the 17″ wheels was manufactured by Ronal, along with wider tyres than those used on the Opel Omega. The Omega is fitted with Goodyear Eagle tyres. The tyre compound used is the same as that on the Lotus Esprit Turbo SE, with a combination of oils and low hysteresis. This allows for improved high-speed stability and better performance in wet conditions.

The car is fitted with 12.9 in (328 mm) brake discs with four-piston AP calipers at the front and 11.8 in (300 mm) discs with two-piston calipers at the rear.

The Lotus Carlton produced 377 bhp (281 kW; 382&nbsp

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;PS) and 419 lb·ft (568 N·m) (of which 350 lb·ft (470 N·m) was available from 2000 rpm.) The car was capable of 0–60 mph in 5.2 seconds and achieve 0–100-0 mph in less than 17 seconds. Tall gearing allowed it to achieve approximately 55 mph (89 km/h) in first gear. The Lotus Carlton/Omega held the title of the fastest four-door saloon car for some years.

In the United Kingdom, the Carltons/Omegas were a favorite target of joy-riders and other thieves. This posed a problem for the police, who had nothing quicker than the 24V Senator Bs. A gang of robbers used one in a string of ram-raids of off-license liquor stores and newsagents, stealing tens of thousands of pounds worth of cigarettes and alcohol. The small ‘panda cars’ used in urban policing were limited to just 90 miles per hour (140 km/h), leaving police unable to give chase.

Because the Carlton/Omega could equal or exceed the performance of many contemporary sports cars while also carrying four passengers, it generated some controversy among the automotive and general press. Bob Murray, then editor of Autocar magazine, wrote: “Nobody buying this car could possibly argue he either needs or will be able to use a top whack which is claimed to be around 180 mph.” Murray went on to suggest that Vauxhall should follow the example set by German automakers (who had begun electronically limiting the top speed of their high-performance cars to 155 mph.) This sentiment was picked up by newspapers and talk radio stations, who would interview people calling for the car’s ban. Ultimately, the Opel executives associated with the project voted unanimously to not restrict the car’s top speed, and it was released to acclaim from the motoring press.

Production of the Lotus Carlton/Omega began in 1990, four years after the original Omega went on sale. Opel had hoped to build 1,100 cars in total, but owing to the recession of the early 1990s, the £48,000 cars were not selling as well as anticipated and production at Lotus was halted in December 1992. Only 950 cars were completed: 320 Carltons and 630 Omegas, 150 short of the original target. The cars are now starting to become modern classics as low-mileage, well-looked-after examples become rare. As of 2007

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, UK values ranged between approximately £12,000 and £20,000.

In 1991, the design house Pininfarina produced a styling concept named the “Chronos” that was designed to accept the drivetrain from the Lotus Omega. The single example of the Chronos (sans engine) was displayed at the 1991 Detroit Auto Show.

While the base Omega A and the Lotus Omega were never federalised for sale in the USA, the Lotus Omega is now allowed to be imported into the USA under the DOT’s “Show or Display” exemption.

Jon Bryant

Jon Bryant (born 22 January 1986) is a Canadian singer-songwriter. Based in Halifax

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, Nova Scotia, Bryant’ writes and sings acoustically melodic songs with a maritime influence.

Bryant was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He studied piano, and later learned to play guitar and drums. He attended Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

As well as writing and singing his own songs

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, Bryant has toured throughout North America and Europe and is an artist advocate for World Vision while performing with Canadian music group Starfield

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Bryant’s debut album, Two Coasts for Comfort, released on 29 October 2009 was iTunes Canada’s “Featured Singer/Songwriter Album of 2009” and garnered a 2011 East Coast Music Award nomination for “Folk Album of the Year”.

In May 2012, Bryant released his follow up album What Takes You which featured a number of Canadian musicians, including JUNO Award winner Meaghan Smith, and guitarist Jason Mingo.

Bryant has twice performed at the Juno Awards ceremony.