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Hoot Sackett

Hoot Sackett was an American college baseball coach. He was the head coach at Oklahoma State University from 1920 to 1921.

In the 1921 season his Cowboy squad played a tough schedule, eight against Missouri Valley Conference schools, two with Southwest Conference teams, and several smaller state colleges. According to a Tulsa World article from 1921 the opposition was “as stiff as any encountered by A&M in recent years”.

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Egbert Seymour

Egbert Seymour (1850 – 1921) was 6th the mayor of Bayonne soccer socks, New Jersey from 1895 to 1904.

Born December 15, 1850 in Walkill in upstate New York, Seymour came to Bayonne, New Jersey in the 1880s and became active in Democratic Party politics. He was elected Mayor in 1895, defeating incumbent Republican mayor William C. Farr who was seeking a third term. On April 11, 1899, Seymour was elected to a second term. In 1905, Seymour ran for Hudson County sheriff, but was upset in the election by Republican John C. Kaiser. After this, Seymour withdrew from public service fabric sweater.

Seymour ran a butter and egg business in New York City. He was one of the founders of the Bayonne Democratic Club. He was also a leader of the Volunteer and Exempt Firemen of Bayonne. He was chairman of the Board of Directors of Bayonne Hospital.

Seymour died on February 6, 1921 in his home of influenza at age 70. He is buried in Bayview/New York Bay Cemetery in Jersey City. Coincidentally, Farr, who he defeated as mayor, died of influenza eight days later how to quickly tenderize steak.