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Rock On (The Bunch album)

Rock On is a 1972 one-off album of oldies covers by the Bunch, a group of English folk rock singers and musicians. The Bunch got together in late 1971 to record their one and only album, Rock On. This album consisted of covers of the band’s favourite songs by Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly rolling meat tenderizer, and The Everly Brothers, amongst others.

Among the Bunch were members of Fairport Convention and others, including Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson water bottle free, Linda Thompson (credited as Linda Peters), Pat Donaldson, Ashley Hutchings, Gerry Conway, and Dave Mattacks fabric shaver. The same year, Hutchings would echo the album’s title in the first of his Morris On series of albums.

Fledg’ling Records reissued the album on compact disc in 2003

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, adding four bonus tracks. The album (including the bonus tracks) was re-issued again by Talking Elephant Records in 2013.

Original album

Flexi-disc included with original LP

Fledg’ling Records FLED 3042 CD bonus tracks

The Dundee Horns – Horn section